Adjustable Patio Covers

Changing the way you think about shaking systems

Solara is three patio covers in one. With Solara you only have to buy one patio ever to get the benefits of three different types of patio covers.

Angled Pergola

On a hot sunny day you still want to open your Solara louvers till they shade the Sun. Now you will have 100% shade, full ventilation and the maximum amount of light. Thant is what adjustability is all about.

Open Pergola

On cold sunny day you will want to open the louvers 90 degrees. That will give you up to 98% cf the natural direct sunlight allowing the passive solar rays to warm up your patio and your home.

Solid Patio Cover

On rainy or snowy days you can close your Solara louvers all the way to protect your patio furnishings, barbecue, desk, and pets from the elements.